Soufflé – Cherry Pie 48gr

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Soufflé Sculpey is a new and inovative polymer clay, very easy to work with and has a fantastic finish after baking, smooth to the touch like an antelope material, which makes it perfect for making huge pieces of jewelry.

Soufflé Sculpey is a strong and long lasting and durably holds all details which makes it perfect for advanced techniques such as: Caning, Mokume Gane, Bargello and many other.

• Flexible polymer clay to work with – it can be sewn on fabric, sneakers, you can make wonderful pieces of jewelry, badges and many other!
• It doesn’t dry on air. It stays soft until it is baked in your kitchen oven.
• Unused parts of this clay can be preserved by simply putting them back into the original protective foil and use it next time.
• Soufflé Sculpey is excellent for a variety of projects such as: jewelry making, figure sculpting, home décor, combined media and many other!
• Souffle Sculpey is non-toxic and safe to work with.
• Bake at 130C, for 30 minutes.

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